Life @ intec

Hello guys!
My days at intec are beyond amazing and it's much more better than i expected. I'm looking forward for the next few months in intec before i fly (insyaAllah do pray for me thanks!) 😊😊



I just want to make my parents happy and proud of me.
I vow to do my best to see them smile again.
I vow to graduate and get a good job in the future.
I vow to pay back their kindness towards me.
I vow to do anything for them

Ayah, Ibu.
Thank you.
Thank you for supporting me until now.
Thank you for still believing in me until now.

May Allah bless you always.



"You got me in chains,
you got me in chains for your love

But I wouldn't change, yeah I wouldn't change this love

Try to break the chains,
but the chains only break me."


ChemE ❤

Hey guys!
I am so elated right now, guess what?

Finally I've had found someone......(and she's a girl)
who's studying ChemE at States!


My heart is bursting with happiness right now! Finally!

And another thing is, she was a former sbp student and intec student too.

How did I manage to find such a person?

Well, actually I was google-ing about the adfp program in intec. I wanted to do a research before I went in there and of course I want to be prepared physically and mentally before I choose to study at Intec of course.

a lego version of me (in the future)
At the moment when I was google-ing for adfp engineering, Google popped me it's "sometimes convenient and sometimes not" info to me. At the second page, I found this ask.fm that belongs to a sister who's currently studying in Colorado School of Mines, US. I read most of her answers but there's still many of it which I haven't finish reading yet.

Then, I read her blog. I followed her instagram and maybe I'll also follow her twitter too one day hehehe. She's seriously like an idol for me right now to study hard and pursue my dreams to be a successful Chem Engineer one day.

Oh yeah, I am still confused whether I should just continue with JPA-MARA or Petronas right now because things are really complicated right now. I don't know what to choose and right now, I am hoping that some kind of miracle can happen right now.

I really want the Petronas Scholarship but in the other hand, I wanted to fly too. Haih I don't know what to expect right now. I hate this situation and I hope that I can get out of here as soon as possible (asap) and of course I hope that I'll make a good decision InsyaAllah.

But for now, I am confident enough to take ChemE as my major in the future! Pray for me guys!


Half Awake

I know its wrong,
I know its a sin,
but I don't know how to stop it.

One moment,
I told myself that it's gonna end today/tonight,
I can no more continue doing this,
but at last I failed.

Because of him.

I don't know if it's love or just lust.
Or maybe it's just sympathy.
I don't know anymore.

But, is it really love?
Is this true love?
Is he's the guy that I've been waiting for?

I don't know.

I need to keep finding the answer and
the moment I know about it.

I have to decide what I am going to do next.

Because right now, I am half awake.



Dulu sembang nak jadi the next Asia's Biggest Loser. Now?
Pastu sembang nak jadi the next Ustazah Pilihan. Now?

Sudahlah tu wei, jangan sembang je kencang tapi usaha takdak.
Kau ingat duduk diam mereput kat rumah melahap semua makanan kat rumah tu bagus?
Kau ingat lambat-lambatkan solat tu bagus jugak lah just sebab nak tengok drama korea?


Cepatlah sedar wei.
Bukan semudah itu.

Tak semudah itu.

Maaf kalau terasa tapi tu sebenarnya ditujukan khas untuk diri sendiri hehe.

Kalau terasa sekali, apa salahnya dak? Hahahahaha.

Raison d'etre

Again, I need to make a choice between two scholarships.

Petronas vs JPA-MARA

Yet, I still don't know where my heart choose.
I wanted to fly but right now I need to know my raison d'etre.

So what's my raison d'etre of studying abroad?
What's my raison d'etre of studying in the local universities?

Now I need to think and choose wisely because my decision won't only affect my future. It will also affect someone's life also. So, it's a really hard decision for me right now.

I just hope that I will make the best decision. Pray for me.



how are you my friend?

it's been a long time since I heard your voice,
it's been a long time since I see your face,
it's been a long time since I see you laugh,
it's been a long time since I receive a text from you.

where have you been?

did you ever miss me even once?
did I ever crossed your mind during your leisure time?

where have you been my friend?

do you know that I miss you badly?
do you know that I kept looking at your pictures?
do you know that I kept reading your last letter you wrote for me?
do you know that I kept calling your number but it's unreachable?

where did you go?

I can't move on.

at least tell me if I did any wrong,
at least tell me if you really want to forget about me.

but why my friend?

the memories that we made together,
the sweetest ones,
the saddest ones,
are all of them are some kind of rubbish to you?

I hope you won't forget me my friend,
I hope you will miss me as much as I do,
because I will always remember you,
and I will always miss you.

Forever & always.

nna, 20150508:2200


" If nak sambung study nanti, ikut apa yang awak minat sebab bila kita belajar benda yang kita minat ni kita akan enjoy. Ye memang kita boleh je kadang-kadang tu skor jugak walaupun belajar benda yang kita tak minat cuma tak enjoy je lah. " - my aunt

So hai and assalamualaikum!

I'm so sorry because it was a long time since I updated my blog. I am not that busy.... it's just I am too lazy to online hehe. Most of my time now is spend watching korea dramas, running man and english movies of course. Oh, don't forget the novels too! Hihihi


Alhamdulillah, right now I got two scholarship offer. 

+ wait, just a minute. Did you said TWO?
- umm yeah? yep

I got an offer from Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN) and also JPA-MARA at the same day. I remembered my first reaction when I got a text from YTN - it was Friday and I had just finished wearing my shawl. I was really excited and I jumped! Hahahaha! Another thing is I was screaming happily. I wasn't sure that I would get the scholarship. Then, when we (me and Ibu and siblings) were at Alamanda I received a call from my friend. He told me that I can check at the jpa website whether I got the JPA-MARA scholarship or not and Alhamdulillah I got it too!

Okay enough with the exciting part because the frustrating thing is I am only aware that I got two scholarship offer but still, I don't know what I'll be majoring and what university that I'll study so I waited for about 2 weeks. On 6th May, at 3pm if I'm not mistaken I received an offer letter from YTN. They offered me to continue my studies at US and I'll be majoring in Electrical Power Engineering. But...it's a Preparatory Program Overseas University (PPOU). I was a bit blur at that moment and yet a bit disappointed when I knew that after spending a year of preparation in UNiTEN I'll be taking my degree in Malaysia for 2 years and then after that I'll be able to continue my degree in US for another 2 years too. Still, I need to be like syukur Alhamdulillah lah aku ni dapat offer scholarship berbanding orang lain yang tak dapat tu kan. 

And then I waited for the moment that I can check what JPA-MARA offered me. So at 5:30pm 6/5/2015, I checked the offer letter and tadaaaa they offered me Engineering at US. I have to do a preparation for 24 months at INTEC. The preparation programme is called American Degree Foundation Programme (ADFP) and then I can fly to US hehehe.

#funfact: I have to give a respond to both of the scholarship by next week


I don't know what to choose!!!!

Because both of them (YTN & JPA-MARA) have their own pros and cons. I was really stressed out thinking about it. So I asked for opinions from my family, teachers, seniors and friends. I can't think straight at the moment. But deep in my heart I knew that I wanted to continue my studies in Chemical Engineering since I wanted to be a Chemical Engineer and another fact is that I have so much passion in Chemistry. Then, when I was thinking about accepting JPA-MARA, something crossed my mind. 

It's about work. 

#FACT: If I accept the YTN scholarship, I will have a minimum 7 years of working bond with them which are 1. Okay because after I graduated, I have a job 2. Not okay because I don't really understand what electrical engineers do although the YTN had briefed us about it before the interview session 3. I want to be a Chemical Engineer 4. The starting salary is OMG OMG OMG minimum 4k 5. 7 years is too long baby

Then, when I was thinking about accepting YTN scholarship, I thought about another aspect and it made me want to accept JPA-MARA pulak haih. It was a @#$%^&* because I can't make the right decision :(

So I take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp breath and start listing the pros and cons about YTN and JPA-MARA in my mind. Moreover, I also did a research about both of the scholarship, the courses etc. Oh yeah, I din't forgot to perform Solat Sunat Istikharah too :)

" Life is full of choices. To live or die. To breathe or not. So choose wisely."

Haih. Do pray for me. Don't pray an easy life for me but please pray that I'll have the strength to endure it okay? Oh yeah, next time I'll update you about what I choose!

ps: thank you for praying for me & I hope all of you will also succeed in your life okay?


It's a long story

hey, sorry for not updating my blog for a while
but i'm looking forward to tell ya guys about my interview experiences, my hangout with the girls right before hari anugerah kecemerlangan kurikulum and etc.

so yeah, wait for me okay?

lots of loves,



Tuhan, tolong biarkan aku terus dalam mimpi ini.
Aku tak mahu bangun lagi.

- - -

Aku pandang dia yang muncul di sisi ku. Rasa awkward.
Suddenly jumpa one by one. Jumpa for real.

" Hmm tak mimpi kan dapat jumpa ni? " - tanya aku kepadanya.

Dia buat muka. Selamba. Kemudian tersenyum kepadaku.

Terasa seperti di awang-awangan. Terasa seperti dunia ini aku yang punya.
Ah, ini rupanya perasaan pabila jatuh cinta.
Baru aku tahu. Ah, persetankan apa yang mereka kata.

Kerana mereka tak tahu bagaimana perasaannya.

- - -

Aku lihat matanya berkaca. Lalu bertanya,

" Ni dah kenapa ni hmm? Sedih eh. Nak nangis lah tu. "

Dia menggeleng. Namun aku mengerti yang dia cuba menipuku.
Hello, aku ni boleh jadi pakar psikologi okay. Toksah nak nipu aku.

Tapi aku pun sedih, cuma taknak tunjuk perasaan sedih tu.
Yelah kitorang ada 15 minit lagi sebelum ktm ni berhenti.
Sebelum ktm ni berhenti dekat destinasi yang aku nak tuju.
Sebab kitorang turun dekat destinasi yang berbeza.

- - -

Dah sampai.
Aku pandang muka dia, lalu cakap babai!

Dia pulak kenyit mata kanannya.
Oh, hati aku cair melihatnya.

Tuhan, aku mahu sedikit masa lagi bersamanya.

Kemudian aku melangkah keluar dari ktm dengan lemah sekali.
Tunggu di platform sambil melambai-lambai kearahnya.
Aku tahu dia senyum walaupun pandangan aku kabur.

Ah, hati. Tolonglah jangan jadi lemah begini.

Lalu aku gagahkan juga melangkah pergi tanpa menoleh ke belakang lagi.
Tanpa melihat ktm itu membawa cinta hatiku pergi.
Terasa bagaikan semangat aku dibawa pergi.

Oh ye, memang.
Hatiku juga telah dibawa pergi olehnya.

Selamat tinggal cintaku,
moga kau terus dilindungiNya.

Aku akan terus menunggumu.


Epic failed


" I don't care if you call me or not but you can't resist me because I've got this charm and my cuteness is the key to why you can't resist me. Hahahahahaha omg perasannya "

*waits for him to reply*

*2 minutes later*

*1 text message recieved*


" Translate kan "


Interview JPA-MARA

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone!

So, another experience for me I think. Alhamdulillah, dua hari lepas (26/3) aku pergi interview scholarship JPA-MARA dekat UiTM Seremban. Aku apply for program J04 - Engineering (US/Australia).

Maka, dengan berbesar hatinya aku nak share experience aku dengan korang semua. Bukan niat nak show off kemenda cuma nak berkongsi pengalaman and if dapat membantu/memberi inspirasi dekat korang, Alhamdulillah.

Aku punya iv ni sesi pagi, 8:30 sampai 12:00 tengah hari. So, aku bertolak dari rumah pukul 7:05 pagi and sampai tempat tu nak dekat pukul 8 jugaklah sebab dalam surat tu ada mention suruh datang awal 30 minit sebelum interview. Sampai sana pun macam blur jugak lah nak pergi mana kan sebab kat ground floor tu takde apa direction pun nak pergi mana cuma kat lift tu ada papan tanda tulis - ibu bapa sampai di sini sahaja -  and Program Temuduga Biasiswa Khas JPA camtu lah.

So tunggu lah macam orang apa je kat bawah tu pastu ada dua orang minah ni naik lift and aku pun tried my luck sebab yelah nak tunggu bila lagi? Interview nak mula dah. Masa pun berjalan kan. Yang lawaknya, boleh pulak aku jumpa si Basyir budak SABDA. Kenal dia pun sebab Program X-A Plus SBP 2014 hehehe. Pastu I was like eh kau hahahaha lawak gila doh.

Then pergi daftar, keluarkan segala jenis dokumen asal dan salinan yang dia nak. Oh ye daftar ni ikut kelompok yang dia dah cakap waktu bagi surat tawaran tu dan aku kelompok 1, nombor 13. And another thing, if you're wondering time interview ni semua orang wajib pakai baju sukan putih berkolar yang takde grafik, berseluar dan berkasut sukan and for girls kena pakai tudung colour gelap. Best tak? Hahahaha. Aku rasa (hampir) semua orang pakai baju baru macam aku doh hahahaha. Dah habis daftar, dia bagi tag kena pakai then masuk satu bilik yang namanya bilik menunggu ni hmm,

Aku pun duduk kat sebelah budak SSP ni nama dia Diana and depan dia pun schoolmate dia jugak, Nurin. Kitorang pun sembang lah memang ngam terus dengan diorang ni. Tengah rancak borak tu, orang JPA tu datang and bagi briefing sikit pasal perjalanan harini. Pastu kitorang kena lari setempat lah, cari orang yang sama bulan lahir lah, nyanyi lagu negaraku and kebetulan ada sorang mamat ni punya birthday haritu so kitorang pun nyanyi lagu untuk dia hehe. Kira macam sesi taknak bagi kitorang nervous lah.

Dah habis briefing, kitorang beratur kat luar bilik yang kitorang kena masuk for sesi interview harini. Oh ye, waktu interview dekat uitm tu ada 2 kelompok je and 1 kelompok consists of approximately 40+ people. Then divide it by two so ada 4 groups smaller groups. Aku ni kira macam group 1 kelompok 1 lah. Interview kali ni cuma ada group case study discussion dalam bahasa and english. First session pagi ni case study dalam Bahasa. Orang jpa tu namakan sebagai sesi Minda Melayu. Masuk je bilik tu kitorang kena pecah lagi kepada 2 group kecil. Group aku ada 6 orang (3 girls 3 boys kebetulan yeah) and they're Azfar, Amirul, Afiq, Nurin, Me and okay I forgot her name. Sorry :(

Lepastu, dalam bilik tu ada dua orang panel (1 L 1 P) and diorang pun bagitau kitorang cuma ada masa 30 minit untuk berbincang and 15 minit untuk present. Kitorang dapat satu kertas ni yang bagitau tajuk case study kitorang.

Tajuk utamanya pasal Industri Kecil dan Sederhana (ISK) pastu soalannya kononnya lah kitorang ni pemimpin negara waktu tahun 2040. Ada dua task untuk dua kumpulan so kiranya sebab aku ni kumpulan dua, kitorang kena buat lah task untuk kumpulan dua.

Ada dua soalan;
1- Aplikasi teknologi moden yang sesuai untuk semua tempat.
2- Kesan terhadap pembangunan negara dari aspek ekonomi dan sosial.

Yang lawaknya dapat je kertas terus aku cakap apa yang terlintas dalam kepala otak, kitorang pun takde pun buat sesi pengenalan diri and sesi siapa nak jadi ketua or siapa ada idea maka sila bercakap sampai esok pagi hahahaha. At first kitorang blur jugaklah kan pastu Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan urusan kitorang and we came up with a great idea sampaikan panel tu terdiam jugak hehehehe.

Dah habis sesi Bahasa, rehat pergi toilet kejap pastu masuk bilik untuk sesi English pulak. Still, the same ada seorang panel lelaki and seorang panel perempuan. Briefing kejap. Yang ni lagi kejam kut, 20 minit je bincang pastu 20 minit present. Otak pulak tak berapa nak ready buat peralihan bahasa daripada bm ke bi so waktu discuss pun vocabulary kitorang memang limited gila siap discuss bisik-bisik dalam manglish sebab takut kantoi dengan interviewers tak ready sangat tapi at last tu discuss kencang jugaklah dalam english hahahaha.

Kali ni punya tajuk memang kaw-kaw ah. Sports as a means to promote development and social unity. Tapi kira Alhamdulillah jugaklah sebab aku ingat sikit-sikit fakta waktu join bahas dulu and waktu tu macam menyesal jugaklah tak baca current issues, main game je kat rumah, melangut melanghakan diri dengan si dia hehehe.

Oh ye lupa nak cakap sesi ni pun budak group aku sama jugak cuma tambah seorang lagi perempuan and I forgot her name :( maaf. huhuhuuuu. Lagi satu, aku ni kira macam part introduction untuk kedua-dua presentation bm and bi Alhamdulillah.

Waktu bi ni memang gamat gila sebab walaupun kitorang ni kumpulan kedua tapi tetiba lak interviewer tu suruh kitorang present dulu and kitorang was like whatdehell hahahaha tajuk susah kut. Yang kumpulan lagi satu tu dapat tajuk 'sports as career'. Then kitorang pun present lah. Yang interviewer jpa kat bilik ni memang provoke gila kut. Oh ye aku nak bagi tips, if interviewer tu macam provoke korang like hell pastu dok persoalkan ketepatan fakta korang yang dijamin 100% halal tu ke apa maksudnya dia nak test korang punya tahap kematangan dan daya tahan. Sebab yeah orang nak pergi belajaq overseas ni kan kena ada daya tahan tinggi sebab yeah orang yang nak bagi scholar ni takut kita terjebak dengan masalah sosial kat sana ke apa kan huhu.

Sesi yang patutnya habis pukul 12 tengah hari akhirnya habis pukul 12:30 lah jugak emm. No comment. Dah tu kitorang ni pun group selfie lah apa lagi hahahaha best gila aku cakap!

Maka, aku cuma harap dan berdoa agar Allah permudahkan segalanya. Harapnya aku dapatlah scholarship and boleh sambung belajar kat luar negara. If tak dapat, maybe Allah knows the best for me. Kita kena percaya kat Dia. Kena bertawakal kat Dia lepas dah berusaha sungguh-sungguh.

Oh ye lagi sekali mintak ampun if korang tak nampak pape benda yang inspiring pun dalam post ni or if korang rasa macam aku ni poyo ke apa mintak maaf ye. Terima kasih sebab sudi baca tentang pengalaman aku yang tak seberapa ni okay.


I should

I should be fast,
like the lightning,
like the tornado,
like Usain Bolt.

I should be strong,
like the Hulk,
like the body builders,
like The Rock.

I should be smart,
like the scientists,
like the brains,
like Imam Syafie.

I should be good,
like the ustaz/ustazah(s),
like the angels,
like Amar.

I should be beautiful,
like the artists,
like the models,
like Emma Watson.

I should be like those people - who are fast, strong, smart, good and beautiful.
I should be much more better than who I am right now.
I should be the one who everyone loves.
I should be everything that people expect me to be.

I know who I am.
I know who I want to be.

Maybe I said that 'I should' be like them,
but it doesn't mean that I must be like them.
It doesn't mean that I have to change who I am,
just to be like them.

I know that everyone is unique in their own way,
God made every one of us different,
because there must be something special in us,
that He want us to show to the world,
that He want us to use it to help others,
that He want us to be grateful with what we have.

I just should and must and want - to be me.
And I hope one day I will find,
someone who will love me; all of me.

I hope he will love me unconditionally,
with all my flaws etc.

And I will love him unconditionally too,
because nobody in this world deserved,
to be hated,
and to live without being loved,
even for a moment.

Trust me.

Because I trust you.




Interview: YTN Overseas Scholarship

Assalamualaikum and hai! *tiup habuk

So, Alhamdulillah yesterday I was given the chance to join the YTN Overseas Scholarship interview! Hehehe thank you for those who prayed for me *toss flowers

Emm so because many people asked me about how was my interview yesterday, I decided to write a blog post about it so that I don't have to tell the same oll story again and again and again....



I departed from home by 7:05 AM and we arrived at the RHR Hotel @ Uniten at 7:50 AM since my house is not far from Kajang and also I think I have to give a token of gratitude towards my father's driving skills. *lol

I thought that I was the earliest one to arrive but unfortunately DAH RAMAI JUGAK YANG SAMPAI HAHAHAHAHA. I wasn't nervous at the first place but bila aku nampak those intelligent faces I was like dup dap dup dap. Dahlah at that moment I didn't saw any girls hmm.

Then I found this Indian girl so I tried my luck. I went towards her and greeted her. Her name was quite unique but she told me to call her Ashi (if I'm not mistaken). I was really relieved to know someone before the interview. Fuhh.

Then we waited because the registration is at 8 then they (the tnb people who were involved for the interview) tampal this paper which has a list of name. Then dia cakap kat kitorang suruh check nama and tengok which group kita akan masuk nanti. And I was not that excited because ayah dah pun curi-curi usha nama aku kat kertas tu sebelum diorang tampal (again, please applause for ayah). Aku masuk group B.

Then we waited again... Lama gila tunggu haih pastu aku tegur this Malay girl. Her name is Afina and she lives in Perak. Dia budak SSP. I tried to start a conversation with her tapi she's not the kind of person who likes to talk macam aku kut hehehe.

Then, at last kitorang masuk dalam Dewan apa ntah and registered ikut group kitorang. Ada 5 group which was A,B,C,D and E. Means, aku kan group B so aku kena daftar kat meja yang ada tanda B lah hehehe. Aku dapat no B10. Then rupanya Ashi who I met earlier also applied for Mechanical Engineering and we were the only girls in the group *shed tears

Dah habis daftar tu ada briefing sikit pasal perjalanan harini (eii skema gila ayat) then ada talk sikit pasal Careers in TNB and also pasal YTN Scholarship by someone important in YTN (I am really sorry I didn't forgot his name but I am afraid that I'll salah eja his name or what huhuuu) and at that moment barulah aku faham what TNB does and info about YTN Scholarship. The talk really helps me and I hope the others too.

Aku taktau dah berapa kali mata aku berair waktu talk tu hehehe maybe sebab tidur lambat kut hmm. Then kitorang ada break. Minum pagi. Pukul 11:10 camtu kena pergi 1st floor and wait there before going to the rooms based on our group. Dah sampai depan bilik yang ada tampal kertas B, kitorang bebudak group B ni yang consists of 9 people ni waited for instructions to come into the room.

Sebab bosan and sebab I'm curious to know about their names, aku pun tegur lah 7 orang jejaka tu hmm. Their names; Fahmi, Haziq, Salman, Thinesh, Hazman and x and y. (Okay aku lupa nama lagi dua orang sebab aku bukan satu group ngan diorang waktu group case discussion huhuhuu sorry) pastu diorang pun awkwardly tanya nama aku balik and I said, "Nama aku Nadhira. Tapi biasa org panggil Nad" Then aku dengar jugak ada orang cakap "HAHAHAHA KACANG" and I was like hahaha kejam doh. Aku pun saje cakap kat diorang, kat sekolah diorang ada jugak panggil aku Panda kut. Hmm sedih betul. Then Azman tu cakap, takpe aku faham. HAHAHAHA IT WAS HILLARIOUS. And I think the ice was broken. 

Dah masuk dalam bilik tu selepas orang tu bagi permission masuk, then kitorang pun start buat Written Assessment.  Ada 2 meja bulat and of course lah there were chairs so I decided to sit besides Ashi since were the only girls. Pastu kitorang kena jawab the Written Assessment yang consists of questions about ourselves like 

'What do you enjoy doing as a child?' 
'What is your favourite subject in school?Why?' 
'What do you do during your free time?Be spesific.'

We are also required to answer it in English although kat atas kertas tu tulis (YOU ARE ALLOWED TO ANSWER IT IN BAHASA OR ENGLISH) -_-

Dahlah 20 minutes je hahaha. Aku main jawab je tapi memang aku jawab jujur habis lah sebab I know it will be used as a medium for them during our personal interview or they will be using it to know the candidates better, I think.

Oh ye lupa nak cakap kat dalam bilik tu ada 3 orang (1 L 2 P) and bila masa dah habis, kitorang dipecahkan kepada 2 groups ikut number kitorang. So, aku dapat 1 group dengan Thinesh, Salman, Haziq and Azman. Then they gave us a paper with a case study that we need to present after that. Tajuk semua group at that day was the same kut.

"Renewable Energy: Issues, Challenges and The Way Forward "

Waktu kitorang discuss (also in English of course) kitorang pun dinilai yelah dah nama pun interview kan. The interviewers tu usha je camne kitorang discuss and bahagi tugas, how we brainstormed. I try to involve in the discussion as hard as I can walaupun Salman and Thinesh is dominating the discussion but nevermind at least I gave my opinion hehe.

Then kitorang jot down all our points dalam kertas mahjung (did I spelled it right?) and tampal it at the dinding, the interviewers said time's up and asked who wants to present first. Aku cuak gak nak present dulu but nasib baik our group mintak nak buat first. Fuh, so dah ada + mark kat situ hehe.

Dah habis presentation from both of the groups, then we were dismissed. Pergi lunch. Then, solat zuhur dekat surau dia at 2nd floor and 1:40 aku dah dekat 1st floor balik even though pukul 2 baru start interview huhu. Cuak lah jugak sebab ni interview personal kan.

Tunggu lah kat sofa yang empuk tu then ada orang panggil nak amik gambar kitorang. Gambar pasport lah kut sbb amik kat background putih. Untuk apa pun aku taktau hehehe. Aku rasa aku senyum awkward at that moment hmm. Lantaklah.

Pastu aku pun tunggu lah lama gila sebab yelah aku kan B10. Lama lagi kut nak kena interview. Ashi tu pulak B1 so hmm sempat sembang kejap je ngan dia and then I was left alone with all those boys huhuu. Pastu datang lah 2 orang lelaki ni. Sorang Melayu and sorang lagi Cina. Nama Cina tu Chong. Nama Melayu tu Faiq, sekolah kat High School Batu Pahat (if I'm not mistaken) sekolah all boys kut huhuu tapi lepas buat sesi ice breaking tu aku terus ngam ngan dia. Kira macam kitorang ni sekepala lah hehe memang syok! Oh ye, dia E3. Apply course Electrical Power.

Then, lepas mamat E1 dah habis interview, dia pun lepak sekali kat tempat aku tu. Budak Cina tu pulak pergi sana sebab it's his turn kan. Mamat E1 tu namanya Musleh and dia budak MOZAC. Then, datang sorang budak perempuan E4 nama Nurul, MRSM KKB lepak situ sekali. Ya Allah that moment was the most exciting and happening kut! Kitorang talk about a lot of things and it was funny. Best gila sembang dengan diorang hehe.

Time flies so fast, aku tau je si Musleh, Faiq and Nurul nak balik dah hmm so aku punya entertainment at that moment dah hilang lah haish. Sedih betul. Tau-tau je, turn aku pulak di interview. I was a bit nervous at that time tapi bila masuk je bilik tu terus calm habis. I don't know why but it was a relief hehe.

Aku masuk and gave the most sexiest yet sweetest smile I've had (HAHAHAHA!) and gave my file which have my co-curriculum certificates and resume in it and sat down.

The first question that they asked me is whether I have experienced any problems during applying the scholarship via online. I said that I have some difficulties to fill in the co-curricular activities because I have no idea on how to fill it. Then, they told me that they wont offer me a scholarship in Mechanical Engineering. They wanted to offer me a scholarship in Electrical Power Engineering. I was like 'Uh, okay' then they laughed. Hehehe.

They asked me to explain about my parents and siblings and what did I joined in school. So it was a simple question so aku pun cakap jelah kan pasal family aku apa semua kan. Aku pun cakap lah aku join archery, pernah wakil pergi peringkat Negeri and aku pernah join debate jadi Pengerusi and one woman asked me 'oh so awak kp ke kat sekolah' and of course lah aku cakap ye.

Oh ye diorang tanya jugak apasal aku tak nak amik Medic then aku cakap lah aku tak minat and because my Mom is a nurse and I see how she works how she have on call lah apa lah so aku cakap lah aku tak minat nak masuk kerjaya camtu. And aku cakap aku tak minat Biologi sebab tu aku dapat A je hahahaha. Orang tu pun gelak je dengar aku cakap camtu. Aku pun tambah sikit cakap aku minat Kimia and Fizik sebab tu lah aku dapat A+ hehe if aku minat Bio dah lama aku dapat A+ jugak aduii pandai aku memanipulasi diorang pasal result aku. Aku taktau lah sama ada jawapan aku tu logik ke tak hehehe.

It was really a relaxing interview. Although aku ada jugak tersasul cakap 'lah' hehehe tapi it's okay. Then bila diorang dah habis interview aku, diorang tanya if I've got any questions to ask then aku tanya lah if aku dapat scholar Mechanical Engineering ni aku kena kerja macam mana sebab aku tak berapa  faham sangat waktu diorang explain kat talk tadi.

Diorang pun cakap lah why they want to offer me Electrical Power Engineering because its more flexible for woman lah. Nak cuti kahwin, cuti bersalin apa semua senang sikit nak dapat and at that moment I was like oh yeke baru tahu. I told them the truth yang aku memang takde any rough idea about skop pembelajaran and pekerjaan Mechanical Engineering. Waktu apply pun aku main apply je mintak tu sebab aku memang tak minat account and civil so aku amiklah mekanikal hehehe. Then I said to them yang I'm willing to accept it if they offer me E.P. 

So habislah interview aku. Orang tu pesan suruh aku doa and solat bebanyak mintak petunjuk dekat Allah pasal future aku ni hmm. And waktu aku baru je nak melangkah keluar from bilik tu, diorang tanya 'haa, ni balik drive ke' and aku jawab 'my father told me that I should call him when I have finished. But I have a driving license' hahaha pastu they laughed and told me to berambus (okay part berambus tu tipu)


So, yeah thank you for reading my post. I hope you guys have a rough idea about how the YTN interview is held. Sorry if I forgot to give any tips or inspire you guys, I am just sharing about my experience. Seriously, it was really amazing to know new people and to make new friends etc.

All the best for your future, peeps! Adios!




This is my first step,
towards a happy life because
I choose my own destiny.

I am the one who have the right,
to paint my own canvas of life,
to cook my meal of happiness,
to sweep the sadness,
to do anything that I want.

And none of them have the right to do it.

So, I am going to start a fresh new life.
A life that is less pathetic,
a life that is more happy,
a life that I can be myself.

And now, I have made my decision.

I choose to be me, myself.

How about you?